Cabins at Kilpisniementie 170

At Kilpisniementie, we have one large cabin for 6 people with the same layout and equipment as in the cabins at Harjuntie. In addition, there is a small (27 m2 / 290 sqft) and lovely Sauna cabin that is suitable for two people. The Sauna cabin is equipped with a mini kitchen, a sofa bed, a fireplace, a tv, a washing room with a washing machine (but no shower) and a wood-heated sauna.

Both cabins are located by the lake, and from the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view over the lake and towards the nearby fells. There are also two bicycles for visitors to use.

"Suite"               See also the cabins at Harjuntie

Photos are from the Sauna cabin            Sauna cabin and large cabin can be rented separately