Cottages at Harjuntie 21

The four cottages at Harjuntie are built in a personal style for six people each. Downstairs there is one bedroom (for two) and a loft (beds for four), a living room with an open-concept kitchen, a fireplace, a washroom and a sauna. Of course, the cottages include all the necessary home appliances. From the balcony of three cottages there is a magnificent view of the Saana fell and Lake Kilpisjärvi. And one cottage has a view to south, towards lake Kilpisjärvi and the surrounding fells. All the cottages are located near the village services. There is also a hut where you can smoke fish, cook food and make coffee on open fire.      
We installed solar panels in Harjuntie cottages in order to use the cleanest energy without carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. In this way, we take responsibility for our sensitive Arctic nature.

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