Guided tours and other services

We arrange guided tours for our visitors. In the winter you can enjoy snowmobile safaris or go ice fishing. There is great scenery for skiing and snowshoeing, and Kilpisjärvi is one of the best places in the world for seeing the northern lights! In the autumn, the colors are amazing and during summer you can find flowers that are blooming only in the arctic surroundings. You can also go hiking on several trails nearby. For example, you can hike to the border of three nations (Finland, Sweden and Norway) and come back to Kilpisjärvi by boat. One of the most famous trails leads you from the village to the top of Halti fell – the highest point in Finland. The trail goes through a national park and passes by cabins you can freely use on your way. Contact us for more information!

Transports to the wilderness area, snowmobile transports, snowmobile-, northern lights- and ice fishing safaris, car relocation, renovations. Inquiries Mika Kotavuopio - 0400 908759 -

The Saivaara Cottages cooperates with Metsähallitus, the governmental organization responsible for the management of natural resources (including forests and national parks) in Finland.

Our goals include the sustainable development of nature tourism in the Kilpisjärvi wilderness area and serving our customers as well as possible.

More information about the national parks in the area can be found at